Hail Damage

Givens can assist you with damages resulting from Hail and Wind Damage including Roofing, Gutters, Siding, and Windows. We are General Contractors, specializing in Re-Construction resulting from various types of damages.


We can provide most types of roofing to services to repair or replace your roof. This includes 25, 30, 40 and lifetime, energy star shingles. We can offer Asphalt, Composite, Laminate, Wood Shake, and Ceramic, We work with all major manufactures and will work with client to ensure satisfactions as a warranty is provide.  


Oftentimes when you sustain hail damage to your roof there is evidence of damage to your gutter as well. We provide 5” and oversize gutters and downspouts as required. We can also apply or re-apply gutter guards if desired


While the damage to siding sometimes goes unnoticed, we can determine if the impact from hail or force from wind has caused any permanent damage, Should this be the case. We are capable of most types of siding repairs Again, we guarantee all of our work and stand behind it.


Sometimes your windows will take a hit resulting in initial minor damage. Due to the important functionality of your windows, we can inspect and ensure that sills and trim are secured and will not compromise insulation value.