Fire Restoration

It is important when choosing a contractor for your fire-damage structure to choose a contractor that is familiar with rebuilding after a fire. Special steps need to be taken to ensure that soot damage and smoke damaged areas are properly cleaned or replaced to guarantee odor control. Even one stud that is not properly cleaned can lead to a lingering smoke odor. Because of our smoke odor removal guarantee you can rest assured Givens Disaster Service will leave your property odor free.

We will try to help you understand fire and smoke damage, and the residue and unseen odors that accompany them. We invite you to discuss any information on our site with restoration professional, this will ensure your home, business and furnishings is being correctly restored to pre-loss condition, or better.

At Givens we are always conscious of time in a fire loss, we understand that just because the fire is out, this does not mean the damage has stopped. The longer corrosion control and emergency cleaning is delayed, the greater the loss. Our certified professionals have the experience to work with the insurance companies, ( if available) and the home/business owners to coordinate the efforts in choosing the best avenue in restoration techniques to fully restore your home.