Copyright Permissions

It is not our standing to use other's copyrighted materials without permission, and on this page it is our hopes to provide any information where available, to give credit to those who have provided their materials and permission to use those materials on our site.

If there is any discrepancy with these permissions we have provided, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately to remedy the issue.

The following links will point to those permissions we have attained or were posted on the sites where the material was offered with permission for use.

The Lake.class file we are using on our site was obtained from JavaScript Kit Formerly Website Abstraction. Their site advertises these applets may be freely used by anyone visiting their site and obtaining them. Being this term is very broad, we have interpreted this to mean free under normal copyright laws that as long as we do not try to resale, and only use it for personal reasons. In addition, it is our only intention to display this applet to enhance the page with a visual aid for our visitors.

We obtained this version of the flame applet at Here they have posted the permissions to use it on any web site freely. They only ask we do not alter the applet, sell or distribute it for profit without permission. In addition, they ask us to include the proper credits and a link to the site, which we have done above. For a copy of this permission, visit It is a very nice applet, and comes with a tag generator for those beginning web designers, that also makes it easier for those intermediate and advanced.

Another free class file from , JavaScript Kit Formerly Website Abstraction. I have worked it so the original concept is changed from waving text, to flashing text to accommodate our need.

This nice applet was obtained at and our compliments to the author: The J Maker Homepage: It is noted at the time of this writing, the status of the use of this applet is “Free”, and was uploaded onto the above site on August 23, 1999. The version we have is updated on March 22, 2001.